Resolve Eating Disorders

NY-NJ Eating Disorder Therapy has locations in Midtown Manhattan, NY, and Highland Park, NJ. Appointments are available in-person and online for both locations

Joanne Gerr, MSW, LCSW, provides Individual and Group counseling for eating disorders and weight control in midtown Manhattan and NJ. She is known for helping women and men get "unstuck" from problems with food obsession, body image, and overeating. She helps individuals find serenity with eating problems and related issues including depression, anxiety, isolation, stress, and other challenging psychological difficulties. Joanne has an extraordinary success rate in helping people dealing with eating problems to attain complete and permanent recovery.  Appointments are available in-person and online in Highland Park, NJ, and Manhattan, NY.

Joanne Gerr's eating disorder expertise includes:

    • Individual counseling for women, men, adolescents, and children and families dealing with eating disorders, weight problems and body-image issues
    • Group Therapy for eating disorders in New York City and central New Jersey
    • Men's eating and body image issues
    • Eating disorders & co-occurring addictions
    • Eating disorders and their effect on the family
    • Parenting Support for children and adolescents with eating and weight problems.