Body Image

NY-NJ Eating Disorder Therapy has locations in Midtown Manhattan, NY, and Highland Park, NJ. Appointments are available in-person and online

After years of trying to control your weight, going from diet to diet, and gym after gym, it's hard to know what you really look like. I've worked with hundreds of clients who have said, even after reaching their goal weight, they still see themselves as overweight.

This is because body image has more to do with how you feel than how you look. Many women and men have been brought up to evaluate their worth according to their weight. At an early age, they may have been told that they were fat, or not good enough in some other way. As time went on, they continued to see themselves through a distorted mirror.

In almost every case, that mirror is flawed because it reflects a picture of what the person is feeling on the inside, not the actual reality. When you are able to get to the root of your issues, to fully understand the messages that have shaped your beliefs about your own worth, you are able to see yourself as a full person - apart from any imperfections that are true of everybody who has a body.

My aim is to guide clients to appreciate their body for the nurturing and effective resource that it is. And to find ways to move past the trap of body evaluation so that they can live more fully, and achieve joyous relationships with themselves and others.