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Emotional Eating and Overeating

Therapy in Midtown Manhattan, NY and Highland Park, NJ

Do you struggle with eating when you're not hungry? Do you eat because you are sad, lonely, bored, or even happy? Do you know when to stop eating? Do you have trouble stopping, even though you know you should?

If you relate to these questions, you, like many people, may be struggling with emotional eating, overeating, restrictive eating, or binging and purging.

These problems can begin in childhood or at any stage of life, often after difficult life stressors. There may be one particular incident that you can identify, or perhaps you have had a lifelong struggle with food and weight. Either way, food problems can take over your life, and keep you from reaching your goals.

Eating disorder therapy offers you hope and freedom from difficulties with overeating and weight, and obsessions with food and body image. Many people come to counseling already having achieved a good understanding of the patterns that cause their unhealthy eating. However, there are generally unconscious blocks that stop them from using this knowledge to help themselves.

One of the benefits of therapy is the opportunity to explore the underlying causes of overeating and begin to get unstuck. After gaining new insight, it is possible to effectively employ cognitive and behavioral strategies to get a handle on the eating and attain a healthy body weight. While eating disorders come in many shapes and sizes, successful clients report a sense of ease in their bodies and increased satisfaction with the way they look.