Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a solution-focused, action-oriented technique that helps provide relief from anxiety, depression, and unhealthy behavior patterns. A user-friendly, evidence-based process, CBT teaches coping strategies for specific problems and helps change thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. CBT also provides techniques for managing your emotions and feeling more in control. Individuals who utilize these strategies are able to change behavior so that they can move away from depression and anxiety, eating problems and other addictions.Proponents assert that CBT is versatile and can be used successfully for many of the issues that bring people to therapy. And it is portable. Clients can take the skills learned in the counselor's office and bring them into their homes and workplaces. By applying these techniques in various aspects of their lives, clients report having more satisfying family and work relationships, and increased optimism and happiness.