Anxiety Relief

NY-NJ Eating Disorder Therapy has locations in Midtown Manhattan, NY, and Highland Park, NJ. Appointments are available in-person and online for both locations

Everyone feels anxious at one time or another. This is normal, and in fact, it's sometimes a good thing.

Anxiety is very useful in a dangerous situation, but not so much when we are about to have a meeting with our boss, spouse, or our child's guidance counselor. That's when anxiety starts to work against us. We start to perspire, we may stutter, or even have trouble putting our thoughts together into coherent sentences. That's when we need strategies to help us overcome anxiety and find productive ways to cope and to communicate.

For some people, the fear of anxiety can be so overpowering that they may hold themselves back from taking positive actions, just because they fear the feeling that making themselves vulnerable has caused them in the past. In these cases, anxiety not only has the power to hold us back, but keeps us from taking actions that could be positive and help us achieve our goals.

By talking about your anxiety and the origins of the problem, you begin to feel more relaxed. You start to see your problems in perspective, and are able to stop catastrophizing. Once your problem no longer looms so large, it is easier to come up with practical solutions and feel more empowered.

By understanding the often unconscious roots of your anxieties, you can master them and live more joyfully. Therapy is a useful tool to teach you are strategies and techniques to resolve your fears, eliminate the difficult behaviors caused by your anxiety, and feel a greater sense of serenity and vitality in your life.